We’ve collectively as a team gone to 30+ countries and we aren’t stopping there! Rebekah Dobbs (CEO and Chief Visionary Officer) traveled to 12 NEW countries just in the second half of 2017!

It’s our collective goal to travel to every country in the world, and to help others gain more time and financial freedom so that they may do the same!


Individually and as partners, we each have an LLC or are somehow partnered in a business.  We’ve collectively got years of XP doing what we love as a job – and we are still going! 

Under One Sun is our latest venture, but we’ve got a couple others on the side (because the side-hustle game has gotta be strong right?)


At least I like to think so.

We help people take their ideas to new heights and connect them with others who have a similar mission or vision – to foster creative collaboration amongst our peers.  

Let’s take your vision to new heights!


Our UOS team are all homies! We’ve all got a large network but choose to work together not only because we are friends, but because our skillsets individually complement the collective goal that we are trying to achieve.

We want to be friends with you too! Get ahold of us via email or social media.

Want to be part of our team?

We don’t feel like what we do is work. 

We work from our computers, from our cell phones, and by meeting new and amazing people around the world.  We are digital diplomats.  Sometimes we are posted up on our computers in coffee shops, on the living room floor, or on a beach somewhere.

We are always scouting new content creators – so if you’d like to join us: follow us on social media @under.one.sun and shoot us a DM (Direct Message) expressing your interest.

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