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Introducing Swagger, the bipod with moves! Revolutionary Crazy Legs Technology gives you shooting agility and flexibility like never before, which will dramatically expand your shooting zone. Swagger replaces ordinary "stiff " bipods and shooting sticks that have to be held to stabilize, must be carried, and are heavy, noisy and limited in how they allow you to shoot. Swagger is the all-terrain bipod and can do anything the others can do, and a whole lot more!The revolutionary Swagger All-Terrain Bipod gives you never-before-achieved shooting agility that allows you to maneuver in any terrain, and any situation. Swagger Bipod Field model is our 29" prone, sitting or standing hunting bipod.

97.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of Swagger Gen 1 Field Model Bipod:

  • Specifications for Swagger Bipod Field Model:Product Color:blackIncluded Accessories:
  • Universal rifle adapter

1-Swagger Gen 1 Field Model Bipod
2-Swagger Gen 1 Field Model Bipod
3-Swagger Gen 1 Field Model Bipod
4-Swagger Gen 1 Field Model Bipod
5-Swagger Gen 1 Field Model Bipod

  • PROS
  • great support
  • CONS
  • Too large

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Giuseppe - Add Reply

It works great only issue is it is longer and wider than my stock which is a problem for me but my friend wants to try it on his and will buy it if it fits his buy this for larger rifles I need to find a thinner version of this for my needs

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Jeramy - Add Reply

The only difference between Gen 1 and Gen 2 is the feet, and OP had the Gen 1 for a really good price. They are super easy to attach to your rifle, and are sturdy and durable. My coyote hunting buddy and I now each have two Swaggers, and wouldn’t be without them on our predator rifles. The

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