Review Magpul Industries MAG418/419/440 MOE AR-15 Handguard Pros

Price Save Up to 50% from $29.95 to $14.99

The MAGPUL MOE Hand Guard for AR-15 type rifles and carbines was designed with versatility and ruggedness in mind. Easy to install, this Gun Part from Magpul Industries fits easily on your AR-15, M4, or M16 rifle for hand comfort and easy customization within moments. The modular design of the MAGPUL MOE Handguard for AR-15 allows you to securely mount your favorite scopes, flashlights, and other Picatinny rail compatible accessories in 2, 10, and 6 o'clock slots. Reinforced, heat resistant polymer material provides the MAGPUL MOE Hand Guard for AR15 Rifles rugged dependability and reliable strength you need in a handguard and an accessories mount. The lower lip and the front extension on the Magpul Industries MOE Handguard protects operators' hands from uncomfortable hot front assembly. You'll feel comfortable and in control of your rifle with the Magpul Industries MOE Protective Handguard.

94.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Magpul Industries MAG418/419/440 MOE AR-15 Handguard:

Color: Flat Dark Earth
Fabric/Material: Polymer
Gun Type: Rifle
Gun Rail: M-LOK

Features of Magpul Industries MAG418/419/440 MOE AR-15 Handguard:

  • Reinforced polymer
  • Positive weapon control
  • Modular design
  • Easy to install
  • Integral riveted aluminum heat shield

1-Magpul Industries MAG418/419/440 MOE AR-15 Handguard
2-Magpul Industries MAG418/419/440 MOE AR-15 Handguard

  • PROS
  • Great feel
  • cost, quality
  • Installation is easy.
  • CONS
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Jameson - Add Reply

this handgaurd is defently worth the money, and in my opion is very cool looking as well. set up as easy and fits perfect, no movement or noise like the original round gaurds. Fits hand very well and is very comfortable. WOULD BUY AGAIN DEFENTLY... Pros: very little weight, fits perfect Cons: none

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Melvin - Add Reply

Very nice looking replacement for the standard carbine forend. Easy to install and comfortable in the hand. Pros: ease of installation

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Bennett - Add Reply

I replaced a full picatinny guard with this Magpul hand guard and it was a great decision. I have no intentions of installing a thousand accessories on this AR so I like the feel and look of this better. I got the Tapco AR-15/M16 Handguard Removal Tool and I HIGHLY recommend that purchase as well. Very easy to install and very tight once it was on.

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Jayson - Add Reply

I have these on all of my rifles including my issued patrol rifle from my LEO job. They enhance the appearance, ergonomics, and utility of each rifle I have. Being able to add or remove accessories based on the purpose of each particular rifle is priceless. In fact, my favorite part of the purchase of this Magpul MOE forearm is that it is affordable without compromising performance. I can add or remove rail segments to accommodate different equipment needs and still have a lightweight package, at a low cost. I also feel like it enhances the look of a rifle, or carbine. Why spend money on a more expensive rail system that won't be as light weight, and will scratch? I would be amazed if anyone managed to break one of these. They appear to be just as durable as the pmags are. I do trust my life to this product on a regular bases. As I said before, I purchased one of these for my issued rifle. I have had that particular one for several years and banged it around on calls; got it muddy; rained on; left in a hot car for days on end and it still looks great with no signs of wear, or decreased performance.

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Braxton - Add Reply

We love these handguards. They are the perfect method to mount a weaponlight at the 2 O'clock position via a short rail. They do not impose the "business" and discomfort of full-length quadrails, instead they have slots to allow mounting in various locations. Highly recommended.

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Fidel - Add Reply

Magpul hand guards are great, easy to install and just feel better than the round factory guard. Optics plant hand the best price on the internet. I work at a gun shop and I could not get it that cheap.

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Hilario - Add Reply

I purchased this some time ago as a short term install until i decided on a free float quad rail. After using this rifle set up with A2 sights and carry handle, I have no intention on changing anything. The fit and finish are excellent. Installed in seconds. A very cost effective handguard for any build .

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Ignacio - Add Reply

I put nothing but Magpul add on equipment on my AR-15. It is very durable and any picatinny rails or anything else stays firmly on the hand guard. I would recommend this to anyone. More than enough slots to add on anything you need.

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Korey - Add Reply

Awesome, works great. Exactly as described

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Mason - Add Reply

The hand guard is good quality and it fits very tightly. It's a major improvement over the standard AR hand guard. I used it with an Adams arms piston driven upper and it fit perfectly. Pros: Well built and good fitting Cons: None

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Mitchell - Add Reply

I have purchased three of these and consider them an excellent upgrade, with a reasonable price, and MAGPUL'S excellent quality. Fit, finish, and materials are top quality. I've done them in both hydrographics and acrylics and the finish holds the materials well. I'd recommend these to anyone looking for a quality upgrade without having to spend a million bucks!

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Douglas - Add Reply

This hand guard arrived quickly and was well packaged. It is easy to install. I also ordered all the rails I need to mount a laser, tactical light and fore grip handle. They are also easy to mount with the supplied wrench in wide range of locations on the fore stock.The price is reasonable and It looks great on my Sig.

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Danial - Add Reply

Hi, I've used this handguard on the AR's I built without free-floating barrels. Magpul has pieces and kits so I can still get a flashlight and forward handgrip mounted on these. Light, and they have a good feel to them.

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Zackery - Add Reply

The hand guard installs easily and is great quality! The part is sturdy, like everything Magpul makes. It is more solid in the hand while shooting. The guard provides a better grip than the factory guard does. Better grip leads to better groups. I will install on any AR platform I own, if not using a floating rail.

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George - Add Reply

Very nice fore grip for the AR. Very solid feel for polymer with options to attach rails to it later if needed. Found this grip much more comfortable Than a standard or rail grip. Also have the adjustable moe butt stock of the same quality.

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Gillian - Add Reply

very nice! delivery was a little slow. Pros: just like described Cons: none

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Tommie - Add Reply

Awesome handguard. Very comfortable. Fit right up on carbine. I have had rails before and enjoyed them, but it's nice to go with a "conventional" handguard. It is very easy to mount all your goodies to it.

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