Review Galco Flashlight Pouch Side Tie Down Pros

Galco Flashlight Holster Side Tie Down on sale and available from our online store. OpticsPlanet, Inc is an Authorized US Distributor for Galco Flashlight Pouches. The new Flashlight Tie-Down carries a tactical flashlight on the holster side while simultaneously securing the holster to the belt. The VELCRO® brand closure closure allows the FTDH to fit most Surefire, Streamlight, and similar tactical flashlights, including the compact Surefire Executive series.

Galco International invented the modular interchangeable component shoulder systems (originally known as the "Jackass Rig ") in 1969. Today, we continue to offer quality and versatility by developing products that enable you to design the perfect system to suit your needs. For example, you may assemble a two-handgun rig, a half harness system, or add tie downs and cuff case to an existing system. The possibilities are endless.

The FTDH is ambidextrous and available in tan or black finish.

91.25 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


1-Galco Flashlight Pouch Side Tie Down
2-Galco Flashlight Pouch Side Tie Down
3-Galco Flashlight Pouch Side Tie Down

  • PROS
  • Smooths / speeds draw
  • Holds holster tighter to body
  • Prevents flopping around
  • Works with flashlight oriented downward
  • CONS
  • not adjustable
  • Not compatible with other tie down system
  • Reholstering flashlight slow

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Edison - Add Reply

This tie down can also hold my MK6 very well. Cons: should be adjustable

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Giovani - Add Reply

I bought this for a 4sevens maelstrom X7 and if you leave the roll/lanyard ring on you can hang it from that in stead of the head of the light for a more comfortable fit :) I used some black leather strap to make an extension for it to reach my belt (custom fit lol) If you want to cut the extra leather strap from your shoulder rig you could use that as well. I stiched mine but you could use velcro or leather glue or even buy a snap kit ;) Pros: Holds flashlight very secure is adjustable that way Cons: If you wear your rig high you cannot attach it to your belt(tie down)

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Al - Add Reply

The holster side tie down provides another point of attachment and makes the draw smoother and faster vs the free floating rig. Sliding the tie down back along my belt, pulls the gun tight to my body and keeps if from flopping around. I carry a Surefire Elite pointing DOWNWARD. It draws very smoothly and easily, but is secure enough that is doesn't fall out on its own. The Surefire also has a small clip which I slip over one of the Velcro flaps for extra security, again oriented for a support hand downward draw. Can also hold / conceal ASP or similar flex cuffs folded up. When not in use with a flashlight or cuffs, I fold the velcro flaps to the backside to reduce printing. Gets four stars because the length is not adjustable, this piece is not compatible with the Galco adjustable holster side tie down system, and getting the flashlight re-holstered requires some effort. This size tie down just happens to fit me well with the holster just above my love handle at 5'9". Not long enough if you like to carry up in the armpit.

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Roberto - Add Reply

Grreat item. A little pricey though. Pros: The abi;ity to carry a light without being bulky in pocket Cons: none

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Edison - Add Reply

Galco products are great!System possiblities are endless... Pros: holds flashlight in convenient location Cons: none

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