Review Magpul Industries UBR Collapsible Rifle Stock, Fits AR-15/M-16 Pros

The Magpul UBR (Utility / Battle Rifle), U.S. Patent 6651371, is a fully-featured, adjustable buttstock for the AR15/M16. Unlike typical collapsing stocks, this modular design offers the stability of a fixed stock with consistent cheek weld in any position. Seven-position length-of-pull (LOP) adjustment is quickly executed with gross motor movement while the integral preset system allows direct access to a preferred position. A robust lock mechanism and multi-shell construction increase durability under severe impact conditions experienced during malfunction clearing and accommodates large-bore AR calibers with ease. The UBR also provides extra counterbalance weight to improve handling on full-length rifles and weapons with muzzle-heavy accessories or bull-barrels. Optional components such as dual-side sling mounts and metal strike plate allow the UBR to adapt to the mission at hand.

NOTE: The UBR includes the necessary Entry-Length Receiver Extension tube and all mounting hardware. An M4 carbine buffer and spring are required for use with the UBR and are not included. 7.62x51 ARs may require the use of a custom short buffer and spring.

91.25 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of Magpul Utility/Battle Rifle Collapsible Stock, AR15/M16, MAG330, 55-BSC-MUBRS:

  • Mounts on durable Entry-Length Receiver Extension tube (included) to accommodate the common M4 carbine buffer and spring.
  • 7-Position LOP adjustability with customizable preset system for fast access to preferred length.
  • Adjustment lever requires only gross motor movement to operate yet the entire stock remains streamlined and anti-snag.
  • Solid fixed stock lockup and consistent cheek weld in all positions.
  • Enhanced lock mechanism w/ internal impact buffer increases drop strength and shock resistance.
  • Multi-shell construction provides solid foundation and shields critical operating parts from penetration damage.
  • Sloping cheek weld combines a slim profile with user comfort.
  • Stout construction provides counterbalance weight for improved weapon balance and handling.
  • Storage compartment in tail of stock is removable and the door is reversible for user preference.
  • Removable 0.3-inch Rubber Butt-Pad offers an anti-slip surface and increased impact protection.
  • Sling Mounts: Front/Rear - Reversible QD swivel sling mounts fit up to 1.5-inch push-button swivels (swivel not included); Bottom - 1.25-inch sling loop.

1-Magpul Industries UBR Collapsible Rifle Stock, Fits AR-15/M-16
2-Magpul Industries UBR Collapsible Rifle Stock, Fits AR-15/M-16
3-Magpul Industries UBR Collapsible Rifle Stock, Fits AR-15/M-16
4-Magpul Industries UBR Collapsible Rifle Stock, Fits AR-15/M-16
5-Magpul Industries UBR Collapsible Rifle Stock, Fits AR-15/M-16

  • PROS
  • Solid - Quality Feels Tough
  • Solid / no movement or wobble
  • Rock solid mount
  • Can keep nose close to charging handle with all adjustments.
  • proper fit
  • Solid with no movement
  • CONS
  • pricey,but you get what you pay for.
  • expensive - but worth it
  • Close to 2 lbs
  • weight (compared to others)
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Keanu - Add Reply

i just purchased for my noveske infidel fde. it fits perfect and rock solid...price is not cheap but it worth every pennies...i will buy another one for another ar 15 in the future. well made and rock solid.

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Rodger - Add Reply

I had preordered the UBR Gen 2 stock first. Got tired of the wait and bought the Gen 1. I am not upset at all. The Gen 1 stock is super solid. Really easy to install too. I love the stock, it looks great and the cheek weld piece is really good too. There is literally no wiggle or slop in this stock. You won't be disappointed.

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Herminio - Add Reply

Perhaps one of the heaviest stocks out there, but that's because of the high metal content - which makes it rock-solid. If your rifle is front-heavy, this will help balance it out and you won't find a higher quality stock. It's worth the price.

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Gerhard - Add Reply

This is the stock I have been waiting for! This thing went with my latest AR build just perfectly, if weight and price is not as important to your build as comfort and looks, this is the stock for you! Well built, zero rattle, beastly looks, I love this thing so much I built this whole rifle around this stock and was still able to keep the overall weight under 8Lbs 8oz with a bull barrel and optics. I will be buying more of these in the future, and Optics Planet will be the place I buy them from! Thanks for your time, and remember to use safe gun practices ALWAYS!

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Dawson - Add Reply

Super solid and easy to install. There is absolutely no wiggle or play with the stock. Rock solid product. This is the 2nd one that I have purchased. If you are on the fence when deciding to purchase this stock or another, just buy this stock because nothing else will really measure up in my opinion.

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Jaydon - Add Reply

If weight is an issue, here's what I found. With the strike plate installed, the UBR weighs 26.1 ounces. The UBR replaced the basic Magpul stock on my Ruger 556. That basic Magpul was 14.4 oz. I replaced the stock carbine buffer & spring (4.9 oz) with a JP Enterprise Silent Capture Spring (7.2 oz). If weight doesn't bother you, both are an excellent upgrade, especially on my Ruger 556 which was front-heavy anyway.

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Jay - Add Reply

Been looking at these stocks forever, just could t ever convince myself to pay the price. A little sale helped but know haveing used this stock, I wouldn't hesitate to pay full price. It's go some weight to it yes, which I don't mind at all, but that's what you get with a quality built solid stock. Will be buying another no questions asked!!!

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Bobbie - Add Reply

This stock looks great and functions great. It fit on the gun snug without any movement. The looks of this stock is what sold this item. The stock slides into the different lengths with ease. It does weigh a little more than other stocks but when it was placed on my AR it balanced out the rifle out perfectly.

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Tate - Add Reply

This is the best quality A.R. stock I have seen. I have no negatives and all positives to say about this peace. It is solid easy to install and looks great. Whats not to like? Oh it is a little pricie but worth it.

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Clifton - Add Reply

The stock was easy to install. It fit properly and locks up firmly. The pre-programed leanth stops don't work well for me, I removed the screw for future use. I use the rifle for high power service rifle competition and mid range. Having a consistent cheek wield is great and not having the edge of a conventional collapsable stock diving into my jaw is great. I no longer use a different lower for mid-range matches. The storage space allowed for a little lead shot to balance the rifle in off hand.

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Keshaun - Add Reply

The Magpul UBR arrived well boxed and optics planet has the best price as usual. The stock is an excellent choice if your not worried about the weight. Thanks optics planet for the best prices & excellent service!!

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