Review Magpul Industries M-LOK Hand Stop Kit Pros

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Magpul Industries M-LOK Hand Stop Kit is a sweet little piece of equipment that will improve your aim and protect you from accidentally placing your hand a little too far forward. Place one of these AR Handguards & Forends from Magpul Industries at a comfortable distance and the textured area will give you positive feedback to let you know that your hand is in the right spot to settle in. We don't have to tell you that holding your rifle the same way every time is one of the keys to consistency in aim, and the Magpul Industries M-LOK Hand Stop Kit will go a long way toward making that happen. And its low profile leaves plenty of room for reloading. Customize your rifle with the Magpul Industries M-LOK Hand Stop Kit.

91.25 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of Magpul Industries M-LOK Hand Stop Kit,Black MAG608BLK:

  • Light weight, low-profile M-LOK slot index point for improved weapon control
  • Forward stop to prevent the shooter's hand from reaching the hot front sight assembly or muzzle
  • Aggressive TSP Texture for enhanced weapons control

1-Magpul Industries M-LOK Hand Stop Kit
2-Magpul Industries M-LOK Hand Stop Kit
3-Magpul Industries M-LOK Hand Stop Kit
4-Magpul Industries M-LOK Hand Stop Kit
5-Magpul Industries M-LOK Hand Stop Kit
6-Magpul Industries M-LOK Hand Stop Kit

  • PROS
  • Works as advertised
  • Great product, does what its intended to do.
  • Compact and solid
  • Front portion low profile
  • Abrasive grip
  • Price easy to install quality
  • Low profile
  • Light weight.
  • slim and lightweight
  • Ease of installation
  • multi functional
  • aggressive grip surface
  • easy to install
  • Great fit and finish and price.
  • light weight
  • Easy install & use
  • well made , durable
  • Fits well and installs easily.
  • Price, function, profile, texture
  • Ergonomic and easy to operate
  • construction and design
  • lock tight
  • great fit in the hand
  • Grea price
  • great customer service
  • CONS
  • Break easily
  • Don't love the back portion
  • Took 20 days to ship and receive
  • Could use one more slot on the MLOK
  • Install a bit difficult
  • Not a perfect fit but close enough
  • Should come with shorter screws
  • May be small with someone with big hands
  • Potentially awkward hand placement
  • A tad short for big hands
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Tavares - Add Reply

great product! just as described... great shipping service. best used for slim mlok handguards. great aesthetics and functionality. I'm running it with a kmr13 tunnel, under it is an 11.5 pipe... this handstop kit helps insulate the palm when the tube gets hot.

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Trevion - Add Reply

I didn’t want a big angle foregrip on my at pistol and thought I would try this. Looks and works good. Mount is pretty firm and does what I wanted it to do. I needed more characters to be able to submit for a discount code.

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Bret - Add Reply

This hand stop works for what is intended, however it broke rather easily when tightening down the mlok. It pulled the screw head right through the front hole. I was able to still make it work with the press fit piece it comes with.

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Chadd - Add Reply

Does the job and gives you a couple different options with how you mount it. Optics planet shipping was pretty fast too which is nice, Magpul makes a good product. I would say for the money it's a great value.

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Sherwood - Add Reply

Purchased this item along with the Magpul rail covers as a stocking stuffer for my son. Low profile well made and an excellent addition to the his LWRC-IC. Helps keep heat from the barrell away from the bare hands. Excellent non-slip surface.

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Alexys - Add Reply

Installed this on my CZ Scorpion EVO carbine. I have a 13” HBI after-market rail installed as well. Due to the size of this rail (and the longer height between the barrel axis and top of rail than say an AR-15), an angled fore-grip would not work as well for me. I prefer to have a good balance of my hand & fingers in contact with fore-grip and rail; angled fore-grip would have taken that away.

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Godfrey - Add Reply

Item matches other FDE items well and seems durable enough. Installation required a flat head screwdriver to hold some of the locking nuts. Mine only included 3 locking nuts with 7 screws. I'm holding back a star for that since they cant be readily sourced.

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Stan - Add Reply

I purchased this for a pistol build and while I modified it slightly it works perfectly. I didn't need a m-Lok for my application but was able to grind it down. I know I probably could have found the proper piece but really liked the look and feel of this product.

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Jason - Add Reply

Love this product. The fit is great, looks great and works great. Really like how easy it is to get a good grip consistently before firing. Like the profile of the product and knowing its from Magpul, you know it will take a beating.

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Michel - Add Reply

Once again Magpul crushes it!Awesome handstop put it on an Moe forend for my moss 590 seamless fit very solid I highly recommend it for anybody looking for a solid reliable hand stop at a great price and as always optics planet delivered on time

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Jo - Add Reply

This hand stop is great on an AR pistol rail or even a full carbine rail. It installs easily. On a short barreled AR pistol or an SBR it would be a safety measure to keep the hand from sliding forward into the muzzle. I like this hand stop as opposed to the angled foregrip because it takes up less space.

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Kraig - Add Reply

Lowest price, easy ordering, shipped same day, and in my mail box 2 days later! What’s not to like and recommend! Magpul makes a great handstop and OpticsPlanet stocks all the color options without having to backorder.

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Enrique - Add Reply

I wouldn’t expect anything less from magpul great solid polymer grip with perfect ergonomics. The one thing I will say before you buy it check out there entire line you may find your hand uncomfortable wrapping the barrel if so get the afg one or two. There is also the vertical see what position is most comfortable before you decide I ended up buying both although they are both great!

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Keshawn - Add Reply

Great product. Magpul always makes top notch stuff! If your looking for a mlok handstop grab this one and never look back. Feels great and looks even better. Never can go wrong with anything magpul. Optic planet always ships fast and has the best prices!

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Jarred - Add Reply

If your looking for a better handle on your carbine with an M-Lok handguard then this is the hand stop to get. Magpul makes some great products and now that M-lok seems to be taking over keymod, this hand stop lets you get a better grip on your AR for better control and shooting. Installation is easy and the hand stop is durable and does not get loose as long as its installed correctly.

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Denis - Add Reply

Like the way the grip feels and it’s easy enough to install. However I noticed it did come with two sets of mounting screws one long and Omer shorter set. Even using the shorter screws with where I wanted to place the grip on my hand rail the screws were to long and hitting my gas block. For now I mounted the grip 1/2 space forward. I’m fixing to pull it back off and cut some length off 1 of the screws. It would be great if they would put a set of even shorter screws in the set.

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Mohamed - Add Reply

So I grabbed this because I had such awesome luck with the one I purchased previously. This hand stop kit comes in multiple sections. I only need the small section as I place it on my handguard right before the muzzle. It's low profile and it stops me from burning and or blowing my hand off.

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Everardo - Add Reply

Needed a small hand stop for a very short MLOK handguard and this fills the bill. Easy to install, and nice that it came with both short and long size screws. The modular nature of the kit helped in selecting the best profile for my build, and as it turned out all of the parts were not needed, and I may use them elsewhere. Color matched the other MagPul furniture I already had.

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Casimir - Add Reply

Love the way this one feels adjustable mlok ready easy to install very happy have used magpul products for a long time works great for c clamp style grips very sturdy and does not move I have had others diff brands that have moved or had a slight bit of movement

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Walton - Add Reply

I had ordered the green but somehow I got the grey?... I don't know how this got mistaken since you choose the type of color that you want when checking out and I chose the green but somehow got the grey. Im just gonna bite the bullet here because it took 3 weeks to get the Magpul pieces with the virus and everything that's happening to our great nation. I absolutely love the Magpul M-LOK Hand Stop and the Magpul M-LOK Type 2 Low Profile Rail Covers themselves they're amazingly strong and protect my rifle rails great. I mean these are amazing I just wish they matched with the green that I've already got on the 2 rifles themselves, I'm just not keen on the grey color at all. It sticks out badly. I ordered 4 packs of the M-LOK Type 2 Low Profile Rail Covers and 1 pack of the M-LOK Hand Stop Kit to match and go with both rifles that I've been building. The number of packs were correct again just not the right color. I would give a 5 STAR RATING though. Very Very Great product and strong. You can tell that they're great quality for sure. I am so sorry to leave a bad review I hate this. I've never been in this situation and don't know how to go about all the returning and recieving mumbo jumbo. That's why I've decided to just bite the bullet on this one. Thank you guys for working through this time of uncertainty. I appreciate your hard work and God Bless you through these hard times and be safe guys:)

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Toney - Add Reply

Great hand stop with great fit and function. I like the look and the FDE color. It was easy to install and a took no time to adjust to fit me. It is very comfortable to use while shooting. My only complaint would be if you have a very big hand, it may not fit you well. Another good product from Magpul.

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Luigi - Add Reply

Installs pretty easy and it works well on my AR pistol build. Can be configure in a couple different ways to your liking. Seems pretty durable and it's very lite. Overall it's pretty basic to use and install.

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Elmer - Add Reply

The m-lok works very good, and I am able to pull back/push forward without any fears of the hand stop moving out of place. For me when I placed my hand within the handstop it felt a little uncomfortable. I’d would recommend this for a very short SBR only. For larger rifles I would go with either and angled/vertical grip.

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Maxime - Add Reply

Magpul is a known quantity for me. Optics Planet had a good price and delivered quickly. Gets my recommendation. I was even able to install it quickly. I got the SL handguard as well. Had to get a punch kit to get the front sling swivel out but it was painless.

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Don - Add Reply

This magpul hand stop kit is a nice add on to your handguard. The low profile and sleek look is really nice also. The texture on this feels coarse like an 80 grit sandpaper but the finish has a nice coating,so it makes it comfortable to grip it.

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Jordan - Add Reply

I love this hand stop! I have it on my DDM4V7 and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Its light weight, low profile and gives me the grip and support I was looking for. Plus it looks great. The Aggressive TSP Texture on the grip is perfect. Gloves or no gloves you don't have to worry about your hand slipping off the hand stop. Installation was simple and it hasn't budged or loosed at all. The screws that are provided already have loctite on them and 2 extra screws were supplied just in case you loose any, nice touch.

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Wilfredo - Add Reply

The Magpul Industries hand stop is well made from high quality polymer. It is a lightweight and low profile addition to any rifle build. Easy to install and improves ergonomics of rifle. Overall great product. Would recommend to anyone looking to upgrade their rifle.

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Estevan - Add Reply

Can’t go wrong with Magpul outstanding product .. I highly recommend this hand stop.. if you’re looking for something for your ar pistol this is the best hand stop hands down. While our at it check out Magpul rail covers their awesome as well

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Kolby - Add Reply

I bought this for the AR15 ATLAS S-ONE M-LOK Handguard. The ATLAS S-ONE MLOK. So the first Magpul i purchased seemed to be defective, mount holes were clean thru. This M-LOK Hand Stop Kit is working fine, i like it but it is kinda flimsy. we will see how it hold up...

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Jules - Add Reply

Simple design, modular, multiple mounting options, natural and comfortable on the fingers; a well-designed product that I would definitely purchase again. Use the entire platform or just the stop and/or grip sections. A great buy.

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Justus - Add Reply

Put this on my magpul forend for my 590M mossy. Great feel, good size, easy install. Will definitely buy again. Good texture for the drip as well. Also looks great on the gun without putting a huge angled grip to it.

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Vicente - Add Reply

I purchased this hand stop for use on a Remington Tac-14. With the size of this gun I used it to help prevent my hand from going in front of the muzzle when firing it since it did not come with a strap like the mossberg shockwave does. As with all Magpul products it’s well made and did serve the purpose! It’s a great product and would recommend.

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Eino - Add Reply

Great quality, expedy delivery will order again and will recommend the product and the company. Took me a couple of weeks to find the product from a reliable site, a friend recommended the website, I was not desapointed.

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Lafayette - Add Reply

If you’re looking for an item that’s not necessarily overwhelmingly large this is the one for you. Very easy to install. Like other Magpul items that I have purchased in the past this one is made of high-quality polymer.

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Andre - Add Reply

I love these kits. I have on several Ar15's and even my Scar17. They work Great and the MLOK is hard to beat! I like using the larger portion in the rear. It allows me to pull the rifle tight into my shoulder. These have replaced most of my vertical grips!

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Florencio - Add Reply

the MAGPUL; hand stop is typical high quality MAGPUL affair...all the parts in the package you need for installation. fit and finish, again is typical MAGPUL high quality stuff...I have been buying Magpul for years and have NEVER been confused about what I bought. optics planet upholds that quality by fast shipping and the buyer knowing they are not getting anything but MAGPUL> no clones here.

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Elliot - Add Reply

Great hand stop if you are looking for something light weight and slim design , a little difficult to install but I am old lol . This fits perfect on my AR pistol and I would recommend this to anyone trying to go minimalist on hardware added .

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Bertha - Add Reply

Picked this up specifically for use with my IWI Galil ACE pistol with RS Regulate handguard. Very easy to install and I like how you can easily use the front hand stop with or without the rear portion. Easy to configure as needed. Very pleased with the Magpul product!

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Taurean - Add Reply

Nice durable material as per usual from MagPul, snapping the sections in was easy and secure, nice grip with aggressive texture. The space I was working with was limited but I was able to make it work. I'd recommend it.

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Zachariah - Add Reply

Great value. Very well made. Easy m lok attachment. Adjustable length. Comes with extra m lok rail cover panel for complete coverage on bottom rail. Great for weapon control and as forward limiter hand stop. Can’t go wrong with any magpul product.

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Rowland - Add Reply

Feels great, it's made of cheap plastic but it doesn't move, it's very firm, wouldn't break it I smacked something with it. Looks great on the ak47. Attaches and detaches very easily. I can hold this grip on my rifle in 3 different ways.

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Joshuah - Add Reply

Typical magpul quality at a good price. This should definitely give me a better purchase on my AR pistol. The grey color fits my cerakote finish perfectly! Optics Planet was one of the only places I could find the grey color.

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Fletcher - Add Reply

I wasn't to sure about it because i'm used to vertical grip or angled grips. I decided to give it a try and was very impressed on how it felt and what you can do with it. It comes with a couple inserts to either lengthen or shorten.

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Wilfrid - Add Reply

I have been through 4 different types of foregrips. Both Magpul AFG's, a vertical foregrip and the M-Lok AFG. I stuck with tthe Magpul AFG2 for quite some time, I really liked it. However, after upgrading my handguard and changing my shooting form, the AFG2 was making it difficult to comfortably support the barrel. The M-Lok Hand-Stop was the answer! It was perfect for my shooting needs and helps me grip the barrel/handguard fully without feeling any obstructions. The actual "stopper" allow me to obtain an optimum very fast an easy. Best grip I have purchased!

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Andy - Add Reply

Quality materials. Able to mount in a variety of configurations. Easily mounted and very solid once on firearm. The Hand Stop Kit serves as a light weight, low-profile accessory for improved weapon control. M-LOK is an outstanding mounting system for all your accessories.

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Vinnie - Add Reply

it works and looks great, it keeps you hand from slipping forward. the only draw back for me, is my big hands. I tried it with both the font and rear panels in place. I found I had to remove the rear for my hand to fit at all.

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Lucius - Add Reply

Was concerned about placement but after a few try's got it right and it works perfectly. I don't like a lot of accessories on my rifle but this simple hand stop provides me with much better control of the firearm when I shoot. Can recommend

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Randi - Add Reply

Fits great on SBR or AR Pistol. Don’t really see it working all that well on a rifle. The plate is breakable, so you can lengthen the space between the two stops. However, the center piece would become useless if you decide to lengthen. On top of that, the center piece does not match the related guard covers, as it is smooth without the 4 dimples. Overall, great piece. I did ultimately go with an AFG, but plan to run this on an AR Pistol in the future.

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Pablo - Add Reply

The m-lok magpul hand stop secures well for tight fit, and a great feel, worth the purchase price. Looks amazing and provides great support of the rifle for better recoil control and faster chained shots.

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Jared - Add Reply

One of my favorite hand stops. Super easy to mount and is very sturdy. Mounts pretty flush to the hand guard so it’s not big and bulky at all you can still c grip it. The M Lok mount has stops built in so you’re not just twisting and twisting until it gets locked into the hand guard.

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Quinten - Add Reply

This was my first time using M-Lok, and I gotta say I came away impressed. I added this handstop to the Zhukov handguard, as I wanted something light weight and low profile. This is both. Installation was a breeze. I’ve only zeroed the rifle (so no hard use yet), but so far, I’m very pleased with the purchase.

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Helmer - Add Reply

The magpul mlok handstop looks great especially with magpul mlok rail covers but it also has great functionality. Youre able to Get a nice clamp on the rifle and bring it into your shoulder. Have this product on two of my firearms.

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Garett - Add Reply

This is a must have on an AR type pistol! You can’t have a vertical grip anyways so this is a great set up to index your hand and keep it safely behind the muzzle. Easy to install and sturdy. I also have ordered their hand guards as well.

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Jamal - Add Reply

Put this on a 10.5 upper with a 12 M Lok Rail. Had to use included base, due to the included bolts being to long and hitting the gas block and barell without it. after install, WOW!!!! perfect tight fit to rail, good feel, and sturdy!!

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Jerad - Add Reply

I ended up leaving one piece out for my AR pistol and feels sturdy. I really like the texture and solid feel. And of looks good. It's gotta look good of course . I used 1 screw instead of 2(long story) and it holds fine.

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Jean - Add Reply

Easily And quickly fit on to my rifle. with the extra different pieces you can set it up anywhere and anyway you want on to your fore end. I also use a light with pressure pad and having the hand stop under the pad makes it easily to access my light if I need it. Great product

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Green - Add Reply

Great company to order from I havent had any issues so far everything I've ordered has come I correct and as described in the listing also it has arrived faster than I thought it would be here which was great

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Sylvester - Add Reply

I'm still in the building process of my LR308, and this hand-stop is going to be the cherry on top, so to speak. This stop serves two purposes; for a shorter barrel (or an SBR/pistol) it will keep the shooter from griping the hand guard too close to the muzzle, and on a longer build like my 20" Aero M5E1, it will provide a means of pulling the rifle into my shoulder for added stability. The M-Lok mechanism allows this stop to be low-profile- I'm excited to put it to use this upcoming deer season!

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Arthur - Add Reply

Low profile and fits my rifle pretty well. Hardstop is just right for my hand. The texture is welll made. Price is reasonable. I like the looks too.Opticsplanet is an excellent retailer for all types of gun accessories not just optics. This is one of their products that are on sale. If you are looking for a handstop get this!!!

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Jensen - Add Reply

Thus hand stop is a pretty affordable and nice upgrade. The installation is pretty simple if you have installed M-Lok accessories before. If not, the instructions are easy to understand. It is modular as in you can space the front and back stop however you want or you can use the provided mount. I used the mount and it fits my big hands pretty well. The middle piece between the stops is the same as the Magpul M-Lok Rails Covers. It also comes with and extra rail cover which is nice. The screws come with lock tight which makes it very secure.

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Rosendo - Add Reply

Easy to install, can configure how you want. A little tight between the nubs for my hands, but it works as advertised. I guess I could snap apart and install further apart, but that seems like a weaker install.

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Garfield - Add Reply

Very rigid and stays on the rail system perfectly fine. Can take a good beating without wobbling. I would recommend this to anyone who does quick action gun drills. Great for recoil stabilization and rifle manipulation.

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Adalberto - Add Reply

Very good hand stop, attaches via mlok which is great. Has 2 different configurations to fit the need your looking for. For the price it's perfect for a hand stop. Looks great and lightweight. I'd recommend to anyone.

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Kaleb - Add Reply

This hand grip works great on the Smith & Wesson MP15-22. It is a comfortable fit within my hand and gives me a really nice hold on the front of the AR style rifle. Before this grip I had to hold the free float cover which was a little small and did not feel right. I'm glad I bought it.

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Alejandrin - Add Reply

This hand stop is an easy install and works well. Comes with everything you need to install it. Very grippy with inserts installed. Installed on my 450 Bushmaster for deer season. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a hand stop in an AR platform.

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Jovany - Add Reply

This is one of the best handstops I have ever used. Magpul makes great Products. I am very pleased with it. I have put this handstop on my Ar15 pistol. Optic plant has great service and quality products.

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