Review Magpul Industries RSA QD Rail Sling Attachment Pros

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Install the Magpul Industries MAG337 RSA QD Rail Sling Attachment to add a forward attachment point for push-button QD slings. These Gun Accessories Store from Magpul Industries are made from corrosion resistant steel and are compatible with Picatinny rails. Magpul Industries MAG337 QD Rail Sling Attachments are easy to install, sturdy, and stay firmly attached until you actively detach them. Get superior fit and finish with Magpul Industries Quick-Detach Rail Sling Mounts.

89 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Magpul Industries RSA QD Rail Sling Attachment:

Color: Black
Fabric/Material: Corrosion resistant steel
Gun Model: M16, M4, AR-15

Features of Magpul Industries RSA QD Rail Sling Attachment, 55-SV-MAG337:

  • Compatible with 1913 Picatinny rails.
  • Low profile, unobtrusive design.
  • Provides a forward sling attachment point for the MS4 and other QD swivel sling systems.

1-Magpul Industries RSA QD Rail Sling Attachment

  • PROS
  • it works
  • It's MagPul
  • slim and lightweight
  • CONS
  • Offset QD, instead of centered.
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Virgil - Add Reply

This is a great product when you are considering a minimalist look to your platform. Easy to install and solid build. So far very pleased with the product. Bought this to use with a small rail section and an MLOK handguard. The Magpul products are my go-to for performance, reliability, fit and finish. I wish they were a little cheaper, but you get what you pay for I suppose.

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Scotty - Add Reply

It's magpul. It works and it accepts a QD mount. Great if your upped doesn't have a QD mount like some BCM uppers or hand guards. Not much else to say, good price and a good purchase from a company with a good rep.

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Javon - Add Reply

I am fairly new to the AR world. I bought this to go on my CMMG Mutant for Hunting and the range. It works great just like you would expect from Magpul. It is easy to install and very sturdy. I walked about 6 miles with this and their MS1 sling and both products were good to go!

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Nico - Add Reply

As always any product by Magpul does the job. Like the fact that I can mount this on various sections of rail and provides a real secure set up. Easy in, easy out for the quick detach mount Highly recommend the part to your rifle!

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Bernardo - Add Reply

If you need a QD in a different position and location. Than maybe your factory sling attachments on your rifle. For picatinny rails. Then this is a great product. Used on a Blue Force Vicker's two point tactical sling. To balance out sling. Being able to adjust for optics if needed. Just by moving sling attachment up and down rail. Allows rifle to hang at the ready position. Or it just gives you another attachment point.Strong,light weight, tightens tight, with no wobble at all.

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Hunter - Add Reply

This product has been very reliable for me. I use it with Magpul slings. It works with other qd brands, as long as they are not too cheap, and they retain good specifications. This is useful for achieving different sling attachment angles, or when you only have 1913 Picatinny type rail mounting options. This has not given me problems so far. I use the yellow or blue locking fluid included, or myself as I switch it from firearm to firearm. I would recommend this to a friend.

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Bradley - Add Reply

It does its job and allows a low profile sling attachment point on the front of my rail. I wish MagPul made one just like this with the QD Mount right in the center, instead of offset, though. I see most people run this on their top rail, but I have my weapon light pressure pad on my top rail where I grip, and I like having my sling mount out as far as possible on the rail, because it works the best with a two-point sling setup. If it's closer to the back, it still seems to turn and get messed up.

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Darion - Add Reply

I placed three of these on my FN SCAR Rifles and 300BO Pistol. Using a single point Magpul sling with this mount between my iron sights and great for high chest hold. I'm left Handed and this solves some mounting point issues for slings....great product.

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Ike - Add Reply

great sling attachment for any gun with a rail system.feels more solid than key mod and mlock attachments. QD is very positive and has no wobble. perfect for my needs and probably yours too.this was the answer to my sling dilemma.

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Dan - Add Reply

Very solid QD Mount. Doesn’t obstruct scope or other accessories. Sling doesn’t rotate freely in this mount which I prefer. Comes with necessary wrench. Good like most Magpul accessories. Does what it should.

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Ezra - Add Reply

The part, as expected from Magpul, is well made and well designed. The size is minimal and low profile yet provides a very good angle for mounting a sling. It fits and holds common QD push buttons very well.

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Franco - Add Reply

magpul, it fits like a glove and does the job. mounted on rail on my AR15 with no issues at all. the quick release is strong and robust. can not go wrong. would buy again if needed another, good job as always magpul and optics planet.

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Brady - Add Reply

Good construction. Quick and easy solid mount to top of my AR pic rail. Has locking compound on mounting screw threads so no concern with loosening over time. Works great with magpul qd mount sling and just what I was looking for to eliminate need for using FSB sling loop, which I now removed.

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Korey - Add Reply

Not much to say about the part other than it’s fantastic. The part speaks for itself. It’s part of an awesome Magpul system. I first discovered it on my buddy’s AR and had to get one. It does stick out a little far but it’s very manageable.

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Bryce - Add Reply

I have the RSA QD attachment on four of my guns for single point use. It works great for being able to detach your weapon from the sling for use and just to keep wearing the sling where it's out of the way.

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Jovanny - Add Reply

Never go wrong with Magpul. Have purchased several RSA QD sling attachments and all work flawlessly. Solid construction, goes on easy and Optics Planet always has great prices on all of their products

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