Review Atlas Bipods BT65-LW17 CAL Bipod (Cant And Loc) Pros

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The BT65-LW17 CAL (Cant And Loc) Atlas Bipod mounts directly to any 1913 style Picatinny rail via the included ADM-170-S Lever. It was developed for shooters that do not desire the Panning feature of the V8 or PSR series of Atlas bipods. The BT65-LW17 has the larger Inner legs, patented 5 leg positions that do not rotate found on the Atlas PSR series, quick change feet and hold what you move technology. We chose to support a legend in the shooting sports by using the original KMW Pod-Loc.

With the CAL bipod mounted to your rifle, you will be able to lock and un-lock the canting motion by rotating the Pod-Loc lever. Turn clockwise to lock and counter clockwise to un-lock.The Pod-Loclever position can be adjusted for positioning by pulling the lever directly away from the body of the CAL and rotating to desired position.This positioning can be repeated until optimal position isachieved.Available in black only.

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Specifications for Atlas Bipods BT65-LW17 CAL Bipod (Cant And Loc):

Fabric/Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Height: 4.75 - 9 in
Color: Black
Weight: 15.196 oz

Features of Atlas Bipods CAL Bipod (Cant And Loc):

  • Height Range approx 4.75 9.0" / Weight 15.196 Ounces approx
  • / Footprint 9.75 13"

1-Atlas Bipods BT65-LW17 CAL Bipod (Cant And Loc)
2-Atlas Bipods BT65-LW17 CAL Bipod (Cant And Loc)

  • PROS
  • High quality
  • CONS
  • incomplete product detail descriptions
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Brandon - Add Reply

Atlas bipods are an industry quality standard..... and expensive. The challenge in buying them is that each model comes with several possible features..... which are not necessarily explained in the product description. It's the codes after the name that tell you the extra features. Therefore you'll see a CAL bipod with widely varying prices...... so research before you click 'BUY'

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